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Courses Taught as Instructor

At Harvard University

  • Intelligent Systems: Design and Ethical Challenges (co-taught with Barbara J. Grosz)

  • Death: Its Nature and Significance

  • Baseball and Philosophy: God, Beauty, and Morality

  • Morality and the Good Life: An Introduction to Ethics

  • Well-Being

  • Practical Reasons

  • Workshop in Moral and Political Philosophy (co-taught with Lucas Stanczyk)

  • Embedded EthiCS Teaching Lab

At Illinois State University

  • Basic Issues in Philosophy

  • Classic Western Moral Theories

  • Contemporary Western Moral Theories

  • Rights and Wrongs

  • Topics in Moral Theory: Death, Well-Being, and Morality

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Introduction to Ethics

  • Contemporary Moral Issues