I'm a philosopher at Harvard University, where my research and pedagogical pursuits have me wearing a variety of hats:

I'm an ethicist with wide-ranging research and teaching interests. On the applied side of things, I'm working on research projects related to the ethics of machine learning applications, and trying to figure out the best ways to infuse Computer Science curricula with expert ethics instruction. On the theoretical end, most of my work addresses the nature of practical reasons, sitting at what I see as the intersection of meta-normativity and traditional normative ethics. For more on my work, check out my research page.

Apart from doing philosophy, I like to spend time playing board games, thinking about baseball news and statistics, reading dorky fiction, and taking photographs. I used to regularly practice kung fu (Wing Tsun followed by a little bit of Choy Lay Fut), and I'd like to return to that someday.

photo credit: Meg Edison